Gaba Goddess from Stone

Goddess from Stone #3 by Letitia Gaba

mixed media (Ink, acryl, marker, linoleum), 2020 35 x 50 cm


Born in Bucharest, living in Köln, 1995-99 , study of Arts and Textile Arts, University of Köln Exhibitions: IDA, GEDOK, Frauenmuseum Bonn; Women Power in Art, Cantacuzino Castle, Busteni, RO; The 26th Korea Art Exhibition, Yongsan-gu galleries, Seoul, Art Award 105 °, Gallery ArtTrace, Tokyo; European Biennial of Contemporary Prints, Art Museum, Ploiesti; DAF 11/Danya Art Fair, award for “The Wheel”, Seoul Split Graphic, Graphic Biennale, Split; Graphics from Romanian collections, National Museum D. Gusti, Bucharest; 18th Korea Art, H. Kuoria gallery, Seoul, ROK, Special Art Award; 15th Triennial for Graphics, Frechen; European Biennial of Drawings, galleries of Pilsen.



I work in the field of graphics - hand drawing, printmaking and "textile graphics" - and move between the abstract - bound to natural forms - and the living representational. I draw, cut into wood and linoleum panels, print, stamp, photograph and sew, often all at once, for a single work, which is why the serial works are never identical. This often results in figures (or "thoughts") that "bare" and free themselves from various webs: from devouring, entangling lines / their fetters, from a wheelwork that threatens to grind the figures, from worlds that look like cages , from "emptiness", from unspoken words ... and which in a process (should) become what live “wants” them to be....

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