Dashu Snakedancer

Snakedancer by Max Dashu

Artist Bio

Max Dashu founded the Suppressed Histories Archives to research women's history across the full spectrum of the world's peoples. She is internationally known for her expertise on ancient female iconography, matricultures, medicine women and seeresses. She teaches with images, scanning the cultural record and sharing its unknown treasures. She is the author of Witches and Pagans: Women in European Folk Religion, and Pythias, Melissae and Pharmakides: Women in Hellenic Culture. She has created numerous videos, including Woman Shaman: the Ancients, and visual livecasts. She also publishes prints and posters on women’s spiritual heritages and the Deasophy Coloring Book.



Artist Statement

My art re-envisions cultural worlds in which women are free and unconstrained by any systems of domination. They dance and swim powerfully through energetic fields made visible to the eye. My research informs these visualizations. I don’t have time to paint these days, something I keep meaning to remedy, but most of my work is digital editing of the historical and archaeological images that I go on recovering day by day; or recreating depictions of women drummers, seers, and healers in my videography. See prints of my paintings at www.veleda.net

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