Kester Raven's Daughter

Raven's Daughter by Denise Kester

Monotype collage, 2012

"Raven's daughter likes to stir things up, especially after a long and tiresome winter. One early Spring day she was out on a walk when she caught a whiff of a southern breeze. The warm scent of Summer was on that breeze. She could taste it on her tongue. It sparked her imagination and before she knew it, real sparks were coming out of her hands. She looked around and didn't see anyone, so, she began starting fires and then putting them out, just for her own amusement. Unfortunately the wind picked up and her fires were getting out of control. It was about this time that Raven caught up with his daughter. He could be heard giving her a stern lecture on the perils of playing with fire. But if you saw him you could see that he was smiling and from the sparkle in his eye you could tell that he was proud of his clever and resourceful daughter, so much like himself."

Denise Kester
"Raven's Daughter"


Denise Kester is a full time artist. She is author of the book, “Drawing on the Dream”. Denise specializes in monoprint and monotype viscosity printing as well as drawing, and painting. She teaches a variety of workshops on the creative process including printmaking, bookmaking, surface design, collage and block printing.



Using the medium of monoprinting, I draw from the dream and the dream draws from me. The stories and the art I reach for are also reaching for me. Together in partnership we create a visual story that is relevant to me and is relevant to the global community. I explore the connection and interconnection with the universe through art and dreams.

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