Belisle Star Sister

Star Sister by Lyn Belisle

Fired Clay, Mixed Media 6.6x6.5x3"


Lyn Belisle is an award-winning teacher, artist, designer, and writer who has taught a range of fine arts, humanities, and graphic design throughout her career. She teaches at the national level, recently in Santa Fe, Provincetown, and Washington State. Her signature media are earthenware, paper, encaustic, and fiber. Her work is in private collections and museums in San Antonio and Santa Fe.



I rejoice in the power of art as a “secret handshake” of recognition and belonging. Art humanizes and joins us, helping us communicate in a universal non-verbal language across time and space. Human faces, ancient or contemporary, fascinate me as summaries of life stories in the moment. Clay, paper, beeswax, and fiber are my instinctive, beloved media. Through years of self-reflection, I have come to understand that synchronicity, intuition, and the collective unconscious are major influences in my work, those uncanny coincidences when something in the Universe seems to swing into place to answer an inner need we have

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