Mondini Queen Mother

The Queen Mother-Sister by Alina Mondini

What is a woman? How can we describe or divide her into separate portions?
A daughter, a sister, a wife or a mother? - each limit her, risking distortions!
Perhaps it is best if we just see her power: A Queen living out all her glories...
With all other roles being one tiny fraction of larger, magnificent stories.

poetry by Kathleen Koch


Alina Mondini - born 13. 03 1962 in Bucharest, Romania, living since 1996 in Z├╝rich, Switzerland. Graduated Law (Bucharest) and LLM (Georgetown Washington D.C.). I am active as a local artist, exhibiting mainly in group exhibitions in my region. Besides, I work as event manager for the local administration and engage in social work in the village where I live.



Kathleen Koch - born 2. 05 1965 in Wisconsin, living in France, red haired, M.A. in European Studies (Nancy) and Politics (Durham). Poet, singer-songwriter, artist.



My art consists mainly in collage and assemblage of various materials. I am fascinated by the alchemical combination of apparently insignificant elements for which I find a new meaning. In May-July 2020 during the lockdown, I completed a collage series depicting feminine features in an archetypal manner. It felt as if they absolutely needed to be born at this moment. I posted them on Facebook and called them Queens. My friend Kathleen Koch spontaneously inspired by my figures, composed verses for them. Here there are just a few of a total of 40 such picture-poems one more inspired and inspiring than the next.


My greatest hope is that my creations will be given wings to touch hearts and foster more healing and inspiration in the world, helping to raise the vibe of humanity. This exciting collaboration with my friend "Queen Alina" is just a perfect example of such feminine solidarity and creativity.

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