Greenley Birch Tree Goddess

Birch Tree Goddess by Jyne Greenly

Wood, organic dyes and natural pigments n.d.


Jyne Greenley studied Fine Art at The University of Toronto. Jyne has had various shows since 1998 and most recently include Gas Gallery solo/group shows, Rails End Gallery Elements shows. Jyne’s current works depict the natural landscape, myth, symbols & the beauty of the wild. Jyne lives in Ontario.



Art is sacred to me. It’s my soul’s voice. My most recent works express the beauty of our landscape, the symbols of the creatures, the plants and the life around us. I try to depict the beauty and the sacredness in the everyday. Show the spirit in the mundane and ultimately give a voice to those that have none. I use stone & reclaimed wood for the base of my mixed media pieces. I use organic dyes, milk & clay paints and natural pigments in all my work. Most pieces are finished off with an encaustic coat.

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