Daughter My Legendary Self

My Legendary Self (Fantasy DNA) by Barbara Daughter

Acrylic on Canvas 30” x 40” 2017


Barbara C. Daughter – artist, author, teacher, and spiritual guide – centers love in her being-ness, bringing that intention to all she encounters on many paths. Restoring sovereignty to women via our connections to each other, Mother Earth and ancestral Motherlines are the primary rituals through which she develops this deepening wisdom.




I work primarily in acrylics, creating large-scale “magical realism” paintings of imaginal, mythical women. Since I was a child, I have created with my hands, from fiber arts to jewelry-making. I continue to study with Shiloh Sophia, internationally renowned artist and founder of Intentional Creativity®. My work speaks to the deep need for women to see themselves as sacred beings, connected to Mother Earth, and to her Sacred Mysteries which emanate from myths and cultural traditions from around the world. As an Intentional Creativity Teacher and Spiritual Life Coach, I guide women on journeys to their own inner wisdom.

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