Amigo Tlaltecuhtli

Tlaltecuhtli By Mayra Armijo Ugalde

Papel Amate 90x70 cms 2007


Mayra Armijo Ugalde , MIQUITZOLLIN was born on September 21, 1975, Mexico D.F. Mayra is self-taught.



I do not conceive custom or commissioned art, but rather I conceive it as a work of self-knowledge, as a rite, as a ceremony as an extension of emotions, thoughts and conclusions that become a mirror. My taste or passion for artistic expression is something that has accompanied me all my life; Since childhood and with the firm decision at the beginning of adolescence to devote myself to painting, preferring to explore on my own the forms and colors of expression through time and their experiences. I go through my canvases with teachings and experiences within the indigenous tradition and its cosmogony; creating an art that includes colors, myths, shapes, magic; inheritance from my ancestors.

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