O'Meara Yemanja

Yemanja by Barbara O'Meara

Watercolour Inks on a Fabriano paper


Barbara O'Meara - Professional Visual Artist, Published Writer, Co-Editor of Soul Seers- An Irish Anthology of Celtic Shamanism,' Qualified Community Arts Educator, Facilitator and Art Activist, Member and Collaborator of Moon Mna Women's Celtic Circles and Sli an Chroi Celtic Shamanic Centre. She is continually developing empowering women's art-as-activism projects with experiential, interactive, participatory and inclusive methods, working with culturally diverse women's groups, supported by the Irish National Collective of Community Based Women's Networks NCCWN.

Her works include “‘Na Leanai’ Children of 1916-Dublin Remembers,” 2016; B.O.R.N. Babies of Ravaged Nations,” 2017 with a Celtic healing ceremony. From 2017 – 2019 she designed, facilitated and curated the “Tuam Baby Blanket ‘Stitched With Love’” a two - year creative project where hundreds of women from Ireland and abroad hand-crafted white squares to commemorate the Tuam Babies, creating a baby blanket of 796 squares, “The Covering”. In 2018, in a memorial event, it was laid out over the burial site at Tuam Mother & Child Institution by survivors and families during an ancient Celtic midwives ceremony. “The Covering” is now exhibiting with “Stay With Me,” touring exhibition and in 2019 the blanket was shown at “KOLO International Women’s Non Killing Cross Borders Summit” in Sarajevo, where women survivors of the Bosnian War held it in a healing circle.

Walking the shamanic pathway has always been at the heart of O’Meara’s work and her life where her deep connection to nature, the land and sacred sites transcends time and place and focuses on our very existence,our ancestors and the fragility of life. She designs and facilitates workshops such as ‘The Art of Soul Journaling’. Her latest project ‘Home-Words-Bound’ is an open call for women in Ireland to write anonymously about their experiences of living during a global pandemic, which she then responds to through painting, Herstory 2021 included two of her paintings for their illustrations: a portrait of Mavis Ramazani the Founder of ‘Cooking for Freedom’ for Black Lives Matter Category and ‘Brigids of the World’ portrait of Karen Ward & Dolores Whelan Co-founders of contemporary Pilgrimage ‘Brigids Way’. For International Women’s Day 2021 she designed & facilitated ‘W.O.M.A.N 2 WOMAN’ a creative workshop with NCCWN on the recently released report from the commission investigation on Mother & Child Homes, she invited survivors and included their interviews and artwork.




As an artist, I have a deep connection to Celtic Shamanic, nature-based healing which has informed my work throughout my career. In keeping with my passionate endeavors as a community artist who creates art activism projects, empowering women through social engagement to use their creative voices on global issues of social injustice, I submit examples here. These submissions are in collaboration with Dr. Karen Ward on the theme of Ériu Matron Goddess of Ireland and sacred ceremonies I attended at the site of Uisneach in Ireland as part of Moon Mna Womens Celtic Circles .My art is also featured in Soul Seers An Irish Anthology of Celtic Shamanism which I co-edited.

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