Emrys Mask of the Goddess Bird/Snake

Bird/Snake (Masks of the Goddess) by Wendilyn Emrys

Acrylic Paint, 1996


Wendilyn Emrys, M.A. first became fascinated with mythology in her early childhood, and this fascination has never waned. Wendilyn attended UCLA where Professor Kees Bolle, introduced her to Marija Gimbutas who became a nurturant mentor. After receiving her B.A. in History from UCLA Wendilyn became disabled. During this time, she began painting. Wendilyn returned to Academics in 2016, receiving her M.A. in Mythological Studies from Pacifica Graduate Institute in 2018. She is currently in the dissertation process. Wendilyn lives in Los Angeles, California with her husband of thirty-six years and their feline companions.




After a disabling illness sidelined my academic career, I dreamt that the Goddess Athena appeared to me and showed me a canvas and told me to paint it. I awoke and sketched what I had dreamt. I then painted it, and afterwards continued to paint Art Naive Goddess Eikonographia.

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