Kitchen Lost and Found

Lost and Found by Kim Kitchen

Acrylic on Wood 20”x32”x2” 2003


Kim Kitchen: Settler, Activist, Advocate, Mother, Crone.A multidisciplinary artist living in North Bay, Ontario, Canada.Kim explores the collective cultural understandings at the intersections of the female body as it finds itself in the natural world.



Inspired by imagery that calls me back in time, a civilization that is prolific of art, found objects, SHE. Lost & Found: Sculpture unearthed near Belgrade, 4900-4800 B.C. Organized script found in northwestern Bulgaria etched on a shallow vessel, early fifth millennium B.C. The lines of labyrinth portrayed on early Neolithic handled seals, 6300-6100 B.C. unearthed in former Yugoslavia. Deer tooth beads, markings, spirals unearthed in a thirty year old women’s grave Saint-Germain-la Riviere France, 19,000 years ago. She Who Dreams in the Hypogeum of Hal Saflieni, 3300-3000 BC. Located in Paola, Malta.

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