Purbrick she heals me

She Heals Me by Alex Purbrick

Acrylic on Paper 25 by 25 cm 2021


Alex Purbrick, Artist, Writer, Mother uses words and art to create visionary works expressing the symbolic world of human consciousness, transcending past and present to reveal a realm of eternity where all Life is One. She lived and worked with the late Corbin Harney at his healing centre, Poohabah in Tecopa, California. Alex is the editor of The Nature Way (University Nevada Press, 2009) which tells the life story of Corbin Harney and his spiritual teachings of living in harmony with nature and our Mother Earth. She lives in the Shetland Islands, Scotland.




My art is inspired by my deep spiritual connection to nature which weaves into my subconscious mind via dreams and visions. Art helps me to connect the timeless spirit of creation with my soul and I commune with the heart of the Great Mother. Spirit animals are my teachers and guides who carry me through the Dreamtime enabling me to paint the symbols and energy in my paintings. I employ my words and art as a prayer for all nature, continuing the vision that we are all One People on One Mother Earth. I am of Northern European ancestry yet the ancient symbols and themes I paint are universal, eternal and connect us all in the web of consciousness and the Mother Earth.

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