Kester She Arrives

She Arrives by Denise Kester

Monotype encaustic 2014

She arrives out of the surf on the eastern
shore when the tide is high.

She arrives to the sweet sound of the morning
bird’s song of awakening.

She arrives carrying with her the heart stone
from the magma that spewed forth to
create the earth’s islands.

She arrives with Jaguar strength and Jaguar
instincts to steady her purpose.

She arrives in time to stir the restorative
waters, to heed the call and to fiercely love
the unlovable.

Denise Kester
"She Arrives"


Denise Kester is a full time artist. She is author of the book, “Drawing on the Dream”. Denise specializes in monoprint and monotype viscosity printing as well as drawing, and painting. She teaches a variety of workshops on the creative process including printmaking, bookmaking, surface design, collage and block printing.



Using the medium of monoprinting, I draw from the dream and the dream draws from me. The stories and the art I reach for are also reaching for me. Together in partnership we create a visual story that is relevant to me and is relevant to the global community. I explore the connection and interconnection with the universe through art and dreams.

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