Weaver-Taylor Shield 1

Shield by Cathy Weaver-Taylor

Digital Archival Print 8.5” x 11” 2021


I am a former middle school special education teacher who always worked creatively to unwind from a stressful workweek. Cutting spirals and waves and figures was a way to move energy and find balance. My favorite cutouts became prints, this way sharing the design with many people. Many of the prints of collage cutouts are of women. Recent work explores themes of luminosity, reflection and pattern. Earlier work explored women’s roles with being a mother, dancer, and emotional being. Always it is about the journey of knowing self and trusting inner strength to be whole.




Women in Solidarity This past year has been excruciatingly painful for everyone, but I do feel women have born the brunt of the stretched nerve, balancing act brought on by Covid-19. 'Women in Solidarity' is a series that came out of working on a Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) light box with cut out origami paper, exploring color, shape and light with layers of paper, a camera and some digital alterations. The resulting artwork highlights themes of women supporting women. Women appear solo, in pairs, and in small groups, luminous and strong. The therapeutic light box centers me every morning, and this series is put out with the hope of centering those who see it, reminding us all of our interconnectedness as women.

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