Coetzer The Golden Age

The Golden Age by Veronica Coetzer

Photograph n.d


Portrait, landscape and wildlife photographer, Veronica Coetzer lives in Pretoria, South Africa. Having discovered an interest in photography at the age of 14, she soon earned acclaim for her distinctive style of portraiture. She combined this with a devotion to Nature and wildlife, leading photographic safaris to many African countries and travelling as far as Alaska in pursuit of her passion. Her works have been exhibited both locally and internationally, often in conjunction with speaking engagements about her life and art. During her 40 years in the field, Veronica progressively discovered an extra-sensory perception that led her to explore new art forms of surrealist expression in which she removes images from their original context and reassembles them in frameworks inspired by dreams, people, nature and life. Sometimes paradoxical, often esoteric, these new composites can be provocative, searing or healing in their explorations of the subconscious. (Jacques Sellschop)


My life experiences have resulted in developing a unique photomontage style that allows me to create a mood and tell a story in an almost surrealistic manner to include my visions and dreams. This style was perfectly suited to tell the wonderful rich and sometimes complicated story of the White Lion and Linda Tucker's journey to protect them. I created a body of art based on Linda's book, The Mystery of the White Lion, to raise awareness and to assist the Global White Lion Protection Trust in their efforts to save the White Lion from extinction and to use their tragic story to help mankind to realize how our behavior is destroying some of the planet’s greatest treasures. My intent is to play a part in the rising call for a time of change in mankind’s perception and consciousness, resulting in a renewed respect for our environment and to promote the belief that many of the answers to the challenges that mankind currently faces may lie in a return to traditional knowledge systems.


The White Lion is considered by many African shamans to be the most sacred and spiritual of all animals. It has been foretold that their rebirth or re-emergence from extinction would herald a time of change in spiritual enlightenment and human consciousness, leading to mankind’s reconsideration of our relationship with the animal kingdom and our environment in general. Despite their significance to Africa, no laws exist to protect the less than 500 White Lion that still exist. Wealthy hunters are prepared to pay huge amounts of money to hunt the White Lion due to their beauty and rarity, hence, their enormous threat of extinction. Their value has led to the unethical “canned hunting” practice that consists of the inter breeding of those lions that carry the rare White Lion genes. These White Lion are then hand reared in cages until they are old enough to be hunted despite their tame natures.

In my collection I tell the tragic story of the White Lion from the beginning of time till today. African folklore speaks of a mutual understanding and respect that existed between the White Lion and mankind in the earliest of times. High Sanusi Credo Mutwa speaks of this relationship and of the importance and significance of the White Lion to mankind as a whole. This tragic story shows the breakdown in this relationship and the sad state that mankind now finds itself in.This body of works stem from visits to the White Lion protected area in the greater Timbavati region, teachings of High Sanusi Credo Mutwa, discussions with Linda Tucker (CEO and founder of the Global White Lion Protection Trust) and Dr Apela Colorado (president of the Worldwide Indigenous Science Network), as well as my own visions, dreams and life experiences. I have always felt a strong affinity to the lion and the plight of the White Lion has touched me deeply. This collection is my small attempt to contribute to Linda’s fight to save the White Lion from extinction.It is my wish that this body of work tours globally in order to raise awareness and revenue for the Global White Lion Protection Trust and to support the call for this change in mankind’s relationship with our environment.

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