Lipton Cycladic Rose LIght

Cycladic Rose by Judith Lipton

Linen, paper, paint, metal on wood 35”x20.5”x8” 2007


Judith Lipton, b. China, works in NYC. B.A. Queens College, MFA Vermont College. Her works in painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, installation, evoke fragility and tangibility, while referencing the body directly/indirectly. NY exhibitions: Katonah Museum, Pelham Art Center, La Mama Galleria: CT exhibitions: John Slade Ely House, Silvermine Guild for the Arts.



My work explores themes of absence and presence, and addresses the enduring dilemma: how can one evoke the ephemerality of experience through material means? The elusiveness of past experiences is presented as a thematic preoccupation in my Cycladic Cycle wall sculptures.

In the wall sculptures, Cycladic Cycle (2001-2008), I manipulate the canonical, female folded-figure of the Greek Islands, Cyclades (2800-2300 BC). Little is known about the history of these mysterious totemic figures and I erupt their elemental forms with layers of copper, linen, paint and paper to suggest hidden meanings of the past.

In these works my intent in layering refined mixed media of linen, paper, paint, and to create spaces which suggest hidden meanings, the fragility of openness, and the impenetrability of the past, hoping to reinvent the dialogue originally posed by the ancient sculptures. My aim is to invite the viewer to engage with these intended tensions in the art.

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