Guerin Marija Gimbutas as Bird Goddess lifting the Mother

Maria Gimbutas as Bird Goddess holding up the Venus of Lespuge by Frances Guerin

white earthenware clay thrown on a wheel, decorated with red and black iron oxide, clear glaze fired to 1060 degrees, 30cm x 10cm x 15 cm, 2009


Frances Guerin holds a Master of Visual Art, Dip.Ceramics and BAHons. Her studio, located outside the spa town in Australia. She sells regularly at competitions, awards and through exhibitions. Her background in philosophy and women’s studies informs and generates her prolific art practice. She has received numerous grants to create artwork on women’s issues and women centered spirituality.



These works explore various aspects of being a woman. As the archetype of the Lady of the Beasts, I portray an anthropomorphic kangaroo holding various creatures, birds, foxes, cats, and the injured black swan motif refers to the pain of women's suffering under patriarchy. The portraits of inspirational women were made for International Women's Day 2020 which was cancelled due to Covid. The series to date includes activists, Jane Goodall, Greta Thunberg, the suffragettes, Mary Wollstencroft, Malala Yousefai, academic writers, Julia Kristeva, Helene Cixous, Simone de Beauvoir, Maria Gimbutas, Mary Daly, archetype of the nurse/healer, midwife, politicians in Australia and N.Z. Jacinda Adhern, Penny Wong, Julia Gillard and Joan Kirner whose strength in the face of misogyny charted a course for social change.

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