Rose SpiritRising

Spirit Rising by Marcella Rose

Bronze 4”x18”x18” n.d.


Marcella Rose traces her artistic roots and love for the natural world to growing up on a Minnesota farm and has traveled widely. She owns Rose Gallery and Art Studio offering Inspirational Art. Symbology, feminine figures and animals have long been a central focus of her work, and by 1995 Maria Gimbutas’ work sparked divine inspiration. Marcella created the acclaimed bronze sculpture of the “Glacial Minnesota Woman — Spirit Rising”; a portrait of the archaeological discovery, Paleo Native. Her shift from commercial to fine art began in the 90’s with a painting series of ‘Eternal Dance’, evolving with her unconditional love for ‘Animals Magnificent’, and more recently ‘Essence of Grace’, Marcella is represented by The Grande Gallery, Edina, Minnesota.



My art serves to reflect and radiate the divine essence within each and every form of life. I inhale inspiration from the Creator Herself. The impetus within all my expressions in art as I evolve, arose vividly deep and lavished with inspiration from Mother Nature. My responsibility as an artist is to observe and respect the wisdom of the Sages, honoring diversity and uniqueness of all who have walked before us, and are with us today, for the future of humanity. It is by recognizing this river of sacred indigenous pilgrimage that the mysteries themselves have become a metaphor for my personal and spiritual journey. The ‘Herstory’ of which “Spirit Rising” is a part’ is intended to raise awareness of our collective ancient wisdom. This series links sacred, mythical legends with real-life indigenous feminine peacemakers and storytellers around the world, sharing the message of peace and unity. I believe we are here not by chance; we are all called to be inspired, to live in harmony and to experience abundance. My fascination with pre-herstory and spiritual traditions of indigenous nations has awakened my understanding of who I am. Ultimately, all paths return to the beginning, the center, the spiral that allows me to keep birthing over and over again, with new light. When I am creating, I am the art. and the art is me. This genuine empathy and sensitivity is transferred to the viewer of the art. My legacy, as an artist, is to give such a gift of transformation to others, as I have received the gift.

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