Biaggi Tiamat

Tiamat by Cristina Biaggi


Cristina Biaggi, Ph.D, has widely exhibited her work in the U.S., Europe and Australia. In addition to her figurative sculptures and her political and abstract collages, she has created a number of large outdoor sculptures. She has published four books: Habitations of the Great Goddess, In the Footsteps of the Goddess, The Rule of Mars, and Activism into Art into Activism into Art. She has also published a number of articles which have appeared in various publications. Marija Gimbutas was her mentor and friend and wrote an introduction to her first book. Her art work is included in many collections.



WOMEN ACROSS THE AGES: MY ART INSPIRED BY THE WORK OF MARIJA GIMBUTAS In this on-line exhibition I will present two of my works which I consider seminal: The GG Sculpture and The Goddess Mound and two other sculptures which also relate to the Women at the Center theme and espouse the beliefs of Marija Gimbutas: Tiamat and Raging Medusa. I’ve also included the Red Medusa, the Black Medusa and the Yew Medusa. Both the GG Sculpture which I first created in my backyard and the Goddess Mound which I have yet to create are meant to represent the negative shape of a female figure as a temple to be entered. The Goddess Mound was dear to Marija Gimbutas’ heart because it continued the Old European tradition found in the Megalithic Monuments of Europe and Malta which symbolized the body of the Goddess. Tiamat was the Mesopotamian primordial Great Goddess, the creator of all. I have depicted her pregnant with the first generation of deities dancing her cosmic dance. She is 6 feet x 5 inches in height and is cast in bronze. Raging Medusa is depicted in her full-blown anger. As my model I used the face of Maria Callas hitting a high C during a performance of Bellini’s Norma at the Met. She represents the anger of women duped and enslaved by patriarchy and the anger of the Earth herself at being so cataclysmically devastated. All of the works were inspired one way or another by the writings of Marija Gimbutas. Biaggi is associated with the Ceres Gallery, 547 West 27th St, suite 201, NYC 10001.

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