Green Bronze Indus Dancer

Bronze Indus Dancer by Peg Green

Fabric 20”x 16” 2018


My artwork blends my passionate interests in world cultures, anthropology, prehistory, mythology, symbolism, feminism, and art. I earned my PhD from the University of Chicago in Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations with a focus on the Sumerians. Academic appointments include the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Museum and the Free University of Berlin's Archaeology Institute. I have been creating fabric tapestries for 30 years, artworks with stitching and collaging techniques. My fabric art has been exhibited in juried and invitational shows and single-artist shows throughout the US.



Working from a deeply feminist viewpoint, my artwork offers a personal interpretation of prehistoric goddesses as revealed in archaeological artifacts. I use fabric as a medium for its sensual, tactile nature. My “Goddesses of Archaeology” series of tapestries reinterprets ancient Goddess figurines found in archaeological sites across the world.

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