Hrymak Goddess Language

Goddess Language by Marilyn Hrymak

Mixed media on fiber base 16”x20” 2021


Marilyn Hrymak makes up-cycled creations by transforming mundane items such as pre-owned clothing into meaningful art and accessories. Themes express social justice, Goddess, and emotional growth. She is a retired FACS teacher, grandmother and political activist with an MA in Family Relations. Exploring the world in search of Goddess is one of her favorite hobbies.



This tribute to Marija Gimbutas and her research, courage and hard work illustrates the Goddess language of Old Europe. Shown are fabric representations of artifacts created by peaceful and earth loving societies. They communicate with a symbolic language that Gimbutas unearthed and documented. These artifacts include the Kostenki, Catal Höyük, Vinca, Minoan and Cucuteni cultures. Symbols show Goddess/bird head figures (fertility), tears/flowing water (life sustaining water), seeds (cosmic womb), chevron marks (pubic triangle) and spiral/arcs (life, death and regeneration). There is no evidence of war, weapons and kings. The high level of culture occurred because their resources were not taken up with conquest and status. Because of the images Gimbutas discovered, Old Europe was put on the map showing non-male centered advanced civilizations.

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