Green Willendorf in the Sunshine

Willendorf in the Sunshine by Peg Green

Fabric 31”x 23” 2020


My artwork blends my passionate interests in world cultures, anthropology, prehistory, mythology, symbolism, feminism, and art. I earned my PhD from the University of Chicago in Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations with a focus on the Sumerians. Academic appointments include the University of Pennsylvania's Penn Museum and the Free University of Berlin's Archaeology Institute. I have been creating fabric tapestries for 30 years, artworks with stitching and collaging techniques. My fabric art has been exhibited in juried and invitational shows and single-artist shows throughout the US.



Working from a deeply feminist viewpoint, my artwork offers a personal interpretation of prehistoric goddesses as revealed in archaeological artifacts. I use fabric as a medium for its sensual, tactile nature. My “Goddesses of Archaeology” series of tapestries reinterprets ancient Goddess figurines found in archaeological sites across the world.

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