Cupán Cré by Lucy Dolan



Lucy Dolan holds a BA in Ceramic Design, an MA in Ecopsychology and is currently working towards a PhD. Her work is a synthesis of her academic interest in Irish arts, symbols, myth and culture: depth and ecopsychology and her practical ceramic work. Lucy lives in Co.Kerry, Ireland.



The ‘Cupán Cré – Clay Cup’ project offers a contemporary re-imagining of the Irish mythological Vessel of Everlasting Abundance; a numinous symbol that resides in the deep roots of the Irish psyche. The project combines the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities. Comprised of a collection of 39 ceramic pots made from clay gathered from every county on the Island biome of Ireland: there is one pot for each county, one for each province, and one pot made from all of the clay's of Ireland combined. Re-imagining this vessel, offers a symbolic way of conceptualizing and celebrating our inter-relatedness with the wider world. 

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