Time Passing Time by Usha Mahenthiralingam



Usha is an interdisciplinary artist working across visual arts, movement, film, performance and creative mentoring practices. Based in Nottingham she responds to the life of inquiry within health, ecology, education and activism. She has become increasingly fascinated by the neuroscience of developmental movement and the multifaceted ways in which we learn, embody, relate and interconnect. In 2002 she was nominated Nottinghamshire Environmentalist of the year and granted the Green Guardians Award for her film Heaven on Earth. 2004 Tate ART Awards London for creating Magical space at Arboretum Nursery Nottingham.




In my personal mythology I have often felt like the flowering seeds blow in on the wasteland, the railway embankments and roadside verges. Having lived my life in Cities I cherish the mighty small blossomings amidst the brick and concrete. 'Field of blessings' are a series of spontaneous responses to the voice of the land in my own back yard in Nottingham. In celebration of nature's gifts - I wanted to turn the attention of my city council to the aliveness of planting green spaces rather than even more shopping centres!

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